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Trade Skill Information for the Rubi-ka Medical Community 


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Trade Skills

Anarchy Online
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Those in the medical profession have differing opinions of our currently available trade skills.  They either love them or hate them.  And, those that love them really just love the Blood Plasma making abilities of the doctor.  Most doctors find the kits and stims to be more expensive than their usefulness warrants.  But, go ahead and give them a try and decide for yourself.  Medical trade skills require the doctor to be proficient in the Pharmacological Technology skill. 

Plasma.jpg (1513 bytes)Blood Plasma
Plasma can be a good source of income for the Rubi-ka doctor.  Plasma is created from monster parts.
treatPharmaLibrary.gif (2752 bytes)Treatment and Pharmacy Library
Treatment Libraries are placed in your Utility 2 slot.  It will raise your First Aid, Treatment and Pharma Tech skills.
EmptyKit.gif (2611 bytes)Treatment Kits
Creating a Standard Emergency Treatment Kit can be quite rewarding.  These kits have high healing power while requiring low treatment skill for use.
EmptySyringe.gif (2549 bytes)Stims
Stims will give you a quick boost to your stats.  The most useful still will boost both your HP and your nano pool.

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