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Trade Skills
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Anarchy Online
A Futuristic Online Role-Playing Game

Official Site Links

Anarchy Online Arcanum
Ultimate guide full of information of Rubi-ka.  Includes tradeskills, quests, encounters, location information and more. - The Item Database
A searchable database of all items to be found in Rubi-Ka.
AO Armour Effectiveness NEW
Detailed breakdown of the effectiveness of all types of armour.  Includes analysis of cloaks.

A nice third party add-on utility which allows you to quickly see mission information when using the mission terminals.  It uses a graphical interface which shows icons of the mission reward and lists the mission location, pick-up item (if any), and the mission reward item and credits.  You can add a hot list of items you are looking for which prompts the program to signal you with a sound or message if your item is found.

Jayde's Item Database NEW
A searchable database of items from Rubi-ka.

Kuren's Anarchy Online
Group of utilities and tools created by Kuren to improve game play in AO.  Includes AOMD links, skins, channel color picker, HelpBot info and more.

Nano Formula Catalogue
All encompassing Nano Formula list for every profession in Rubi-ka

The Rubi-ka Encyclopaedia of Armor
View the armor available on Rubi-ka

Implants for Doctors - A Guide
This is a great guide outlining all the important points needed to create implants effectively.  There are several implant 'recipes' presented to give a an overview of what the doctor should keep in mind when creating his/her implant scheme.
Nano Clusters and Implant Locations
A wonderful source listing the clusters sorted by type (faded, bright, shining) or implant location. 
Nano Nanny
A free downloadable tool to help with designing your implant scheme.

Replacement Maps
Dovve's AO World Map
DocGalaad's Map
Travel to Rubi-Ka UPDATED
Includes in-depth maps for all playfields, downloadable in-game maps as well as Whompa and Grid system maps.
Urshu's World Map NEW
Includes spoilers - Dynacamps, unique encounters, grid info.

Replacement Skins

Voice Mods
Omni-Com NEW
Set of 3 voices, female, male-cool, male-military.
Alpha Voice NEW
Atrox, Opifex and Nano voice Mods.
Xyber Mod - CS Voices NEW
Counter Strike voices prepared for AO.
Southern Female Voice NEW
Custom female voice mod with a southern flair.

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