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Nano Information for the Rubi-ka Medical Community 


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Nano Skills Information
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Anarchy Online
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Printable lists to use as a check list when you acquire new nano's.
Doctor Nano List - listed by nano quality level. 

Doctor Nano List - listed by nano type, quality level.

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Nano and aiding skills are required when uploading and performing nano formulas.  The following skills are very important to all professions using nano formulas and are especially important to us healers.  All nano skills are dependent on your proficiency in some basic stats.  It is important to note that raising a basic skill will also raise your other skills if they are dependent on the basic skill raised.   So, if you need a 1-2 point boost in a nano skill you might try using a general buff on your basic stat.

When deciding how to allocate your IP into your skills you should keep in mind the following skills used by a doctor's nano formulas.  This will help you focus on the types of nanos you would like to implement first by raising the appropriate skills.

Healing (target and team) BioMet, MatMet
Heal over Time BioMet, MatMet, Time&Space
Damage over Time BioMet, MatCrea
Direct Damage BioMet, MatCrea
Buffs (target) BioMet, MatMet, MatCrea
Buffs (team) BioMet, MatMet, Time&Space
DeBuff BioMet, PsychoModi
Specials Miscellaneous


Matter Metamorphosis
This nano programming skill is used to execute nano programs focusing on changing matter. It depends 80% on intelligence, and 20% on psychic.
Biological Metamorphosis
The nano programs run using this skill will focus on changing the biological processes and structures. These formulas will be used for healing among other things. The skill depends 80% on intelligence, and 20% on psychic.
Psychological Modifications The psychological modifications skill is used to run programs changing thoughts, feelings, memory, perception, behavior etc. Some of these programs are limited in pvp interaction for game balancing purposes. The skill depends 80% on intelligence, and 20% on sense.
Matter Creation This skill is the used to make matter appear from energy, which is the basic functioning of the nano bots. The skill depends 80% on intelligence, and 20% on stamina.
Time and Space Alterations The time and space alterations skill is used to run programs affecting time and space. The skill depends 80% on intelligence, and 20% on agility.
Sensory Improvement and Modification This skill is the rather specialized field of improving the senses of the people affected. Often used to improve elusive skills. The skill depends 80% on intelligence, and 20% on strength.
First Aid A very important skill for all people damaged in battle or accidents. By using a first aid kit you can restore a significant amount of health to the target. Notice, a quite big amount of time must pass before the target can again benefit from first aid. The skill depends 40% on sense, 30% on intelligence, and 30% on agility.
Treatment A very effective way of regaining health and nano points in between battles. Using portable/field hospitals, the skilled doctor (or any other versed in treatment technology) can recharge a patient to full health in a short amount of time. NB: your patient must sit down during the whole period of treatment. The skill depends 50% on intelligence, 30% on agility, and 20% on sense.


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