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Items of Interest

Anarchy Online
A Futuristic Online Role-Playing Game


Rubi-ka holds many interesting items and weapons which can be of use to the resourceful doctor.  The items listed below hold special properties which will be of advantage to the doctor or are items for use only by the doctoring profession.  Always keep a watchful eye out, you never know when you'll find an indispensable addition to your doctor's equipment.

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NalebCloak.gif (2781 bytes) Naleb's Nano-Circuit Robe NODROP
Requires: Matt. Metam from 231
Time&Space from 231
Matter Crea from 231
Sensory Impr from 231
Psycho Modi from 231
Bio Metamor from 231
Level from 36
Loc: Back
Modifies: Radiation AC 25
Energy AC 40
Max Nano 90
Bio Metamor 8
Sensory Impr 8
Psycho Modi 8
Matter Crea 8
Time&Space 8
Matt Metam 8
Description: This robe is made from a strange fabric and is threaded with nano circuitry and multiple nano interfaces.  When worn, it establishes multiple, redundant communicaiton channels between the Nano Controller Unit and the nanobot cloud.  These extra communication channels make it easier to control nanobots.  Found in the Steps of Madness Dungeon.

LovingHands.gif (2351 bytes) Loving Hands NODROP
QL 45
Requires: Intelligence from 118
Psychic from 107
Loc: Hands
Modifies: First Aid 4
Treatment 4
Matt Metam 2
Bio Metamor 2
Disease AC 22
Radiation AC 22
Chemical AC 22
Cold AC 35
Fire AC 35
Imp/Proj AC 56
Melee/ma Ac 56
Description: The palm side of this pair of gloves is covered with a self-sterilizing material, making them useful to field medics.  A series of small nano receptors line the top of the gloves, gifting the wearer with increased control over certain forms of nano programs.  Found in the Steps of Madness Dungeon.

tank.gif (2752 bytes) Combat Medic's Light Tank Armor NODROP
QL 54
Requires: Pistol from 251
Modifies: Cold Ac 34
Radiation Ac 100
Poison Ac 100
Chemical Ac 135
Melee Ac 135
Projectile Ac 135
Energy Ac 135
Fire Ac 34
Run Speed -14
Evade Clsc -14
Dodge Ranged -14
Duck Explosives -14
Treatment 7
Matter Meta 3
Biological Meta 3
First Aid 7
Description: This tank armor has been specially modified for field use by Omni-Med technicians. Much of the bulk material in the tank armor has been removed, lowering the weight of the armor but also reducing the protection provided. However, the removal of so much material was necessary to remove the normal penalty tank armor imposes when it comes to using nano programs. This version not only has no penalty, but has special circuitry that enhances the wearer’s Biological Metamorphose and Material Metamorphose nano skills, in addition to Treatment and First Aid skills.   Found in the Longest Road Dungeon.


Omni-Med Armor
Omni-Med Battle Armor NODROP NEW
Description: Omni-Tek has used only the best technology to produce the Omni-Med Battle Armor. This is probably one of the most expensive armors one can build today. During the research, the cross-department developers has received valuable help from the BlackHand organisation with testing the armor. Especially the feedback from the doctors Francesca Harrist and Olivia Nguyen has been determining many of its characteristics.
Requires: Side: Omni
Title Level: 6
Profession: Doctor
Stamina from 550
Psychic from 550

Chemical AC 1150
Cold AC 925
Energy AC 1200
Fire Ac 1200
Melee AC 1200
Projectile AC 1200
Radiation AC 1200
Max Nano Energy 280
Max NCU 16
Intelligence 8
First Aid 20
Treatment 20
Chemical AC 900
Cold AC 700
Energy AC 900
Fire Ac 900
Melee AC 900
Projectile AC 900
Radiation AC 900
Max Health 200
Max Nano Energy 80
Max NCU 20
Psychic 8
First Aid 10
Treatment 10

Chemical AC 900
Cold AC 625
Energy AC 800
Fire Ac 800
Melee AC 800
Projectile AC 800
Radiation AC 800
Max Health 200
Max NCU 10
Sense 10
BioMet 10
First Aid 14
Treatment 14
Chemical AC 250
Cold AC 250
Energy AC 300
Fire Ac 300
Melee AC 300
Projectile AC 300
Radiation AC 300
Max Nano Energy 80
Max NCU 8
Pharmatech 20
First Aid 10
Treatment 10

Chemical AC 250
Cold AC 250
Energy AC 300
Fire Ac 300
Melee AC 300
Projectile AC 300
Radiation AC 300
Max Nano Energy 80
Nano C. Init 20
First Aid 14
Treatment 14
Chemical AC 365
Cold AC 365
Energy AC 450
Fire Ac 450
Melee AC 450
Projectile AC 450
Radiation AC 450
Max Health 200
Max NCU 14
Agility 9
Run Speed 60
First Aid 10
Treatment 10

Weapons    (note: Weapons listed are not chosen for damage but, for stat enhancements.)
ginger.gif (2752 bytes) Galahad Inc. Ginger Scout
QL 145
Requires: Rifle from 678
Aimed Shot from 340
Modifies: First Aid 24
Matt. Crea. 20
Bio Metamor 20
Description: A light all-purpose survival rifle, the Scout comes with Opto-Bot scope as standard. Its Metaplast stock is light and weather-resistant, and the heavy punch of the 9.96 ammunition makes it a potent self-defense or survival rifle. The Ginger is designed for helping people with 'Doctor' demands.

tsuyoshi.gif (2752 bytes) Galahad Inc. T70 Tsuyoshi
QL 99
Requires: Pistol from 399
Burst from 300
Full Auto from 360
Modifies: Matt. Met. 20
Bio Metamor 20
Description: The T70 is a sealed-system pistol with two slots for custom-made Spheric Nano racks or Nano Ribbon Globes (simple Nano Globes will not fit). The 'Tsuyoshi' model is also known as the 'Doctor's third hand'.

Old English Trading Co. (raising intelligence will cause an increase to all nano skills) NEW
  QL Requires Modifies
Second Hand 1-39 Pistol 6 - 184
Fling Shot 5-95
Intelligence 5
Old English Trading Co. 40-69 Pistol 189-325
Fling Shop 97-165
Intelligence 5
O.E.T. Co. Pelastio 70-89 Pistol 330-419
Fling Shot 167-212
Intelligence 10
3% Chance DoT
O.E.T. Co. Pelastio V2 90-99 Pistol 424-466
Fling Shot 214-235
Intelligence 15
3%-6% Chance DoT
O.E.T. Co. Jess 100-159 Pistol 471-748
Fling Shot 237-375
Intelligence 20
Psychic 20
3%-6% Chance DoT
O.E.T. Co. Pelastio V3 160-199 Pistol 752-935
Fling Shot 378-469
Intelligence 20
Psychic 25
3%-6% Chance DoT
O.E.T. Co. Maharanee 200 Pistol 940
Fling Shot 471
Intelligence 25
Psychic 25
3%-12% Chance DoT

Worn Soft Pepper Pistol NEW
QL 51
(available in all ql's)
Requires: Pistol from 251
Modifies: Matt. Met. 14
Bio Metamor 14
Matt. Crea. 14
Description: In 29114 Marvin Dzinar started an independent weapons workshop in Jobe. Most of his designs were strange, and sometimes even ridiculous, but with the Soft Pepper Pistol he gained instantaneous fame. The demand was a lot higher than what he could produce, so when OmniTek offered him better working conditions he accepted. He took off to Omni Prime in 29117 to do 'research' there, and he has not been seen again since - or at least that's how the story goes...
Notes: This weapon is created using tradeskills.  You will need to hack a Sealed Weapons Receptacle - Soft Pepper Pistol and add a Nano Pylon.
Learn More >>

pillow.gif (6525 bytes) Pillow with Important Stripes
QL 51
Requires: 1h Blunt from 184
Sneak Atck from 94
Fast Attack from 94
Brawling from 112
Dimach from 40
Loc: Left Hand
Modifies: Bio Metamor 15
Matter Crea 15
Matt Metam 15
Description: When there is no one around to hug, you can hug your pillow.  Found as a Mission Reward.

Soft Pillow with Important Stripes
QL 101

Requires: 1h Blunt from 363
Sneak Atck from 183
Fast Attack from 183
Brawling from 219
Dimach from 75
Loc: Left Hand
Modifies: Bio Metamor 20
Matter Crea 20
Matt Metam 20
Description: When there is no one around to hug, you can hug your pillow.  Found as a Mission Reward.


antennae.gif (3418 bytes) Deformed Mantidae Antennae NODROP
200 (available in all ql's)
Requires: Biomet 600
Profession: Doctor
Loc: Right/Left Finger
Modifies: Max Nano 240
Nano Init 32
Description: This Mantis body part seem to be mutated. It is misshapen and metallic, yet flexible. Maybe it would be of interest to a Doctor

epaulet.gif (3418 bytes) Standard Medical Epaulet
200 (available in all ql's)
Requires: Electrical Engineering 401
Profession: Doctor
Modifies: Treatment 60
First Aid 60
Description: This is a standard, electrical gadget used by field doctors and medical practioners. It is rare on Rubi Ka - the accessibility of Nano Technology here makes it out-of-date.  Dropped as loot off George a leet found in Greater Tir County, East Broken Grounds (~3400x~2000)

Treatment and Pharmacy Library
200 (available in all ql's)
Requires: Treatment 850
Computer Literacy 800
Profession: Doctor
Modifies: First Aid 12
Pharma Tech 12
Treatment 36
Description: The Treatment and Pharmacy Library is a helpful aid for the educated doctor only. It does so by giving advice and making medical knowledge temporarily available through a CTM transmitter.  This item is created using trade skills.


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