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Anarchy Online
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implants.gif (38344 bytes)Implants are valuable to all professions as a way to increase  your skills.   Implants can be used to increase skills, which are important to your profession, over and above their highest values or to increase skills you would rather not spend valuable IP on.

What are they?
Implants are comprised of four components; the implant and a shining, bright and faded cluster.  Each cluster has a property which raises a specific skill with a higher quality cluster/implant raising skill by a higher amount.  Clusters must go into a specific Implant location and are not interchangeable.  Once a cluster has been added to an implant it cannot be removed so, implants cannot be changed after they have been created.  You can, however, create and wear new implants whenever you wish.

How do I create them?
Implants are put together by a nano programmer.  If you choose to you can raise your nano programming skill and provide this service for yourself and others.   The skill required is relevant to the quality of the implant being created thus higher level implants need higher level nano programming skills.  Nano programmers can charge fees for implant creation which can make it useful source of income.  You may, however, choose not to raise your skill and need to have a skilled professional put your implants together for you.  If this is the case, you will need to decide on your implant scheme, purchase the implant and clusters and find a nano programmer.  You can usually find someone offering services for a fee or tip on the shopping channel.

What quality level should I get?
Implants, like most items in Anarchy Online, are defined by their quality.   The quality level dictates the requirements you must meet to wear the implant.   Implants will require you to have Treatment skill and one of the basic skills such as Inteligence or Stamina.  Your implant quality level is limited by the amount of Treatment and basic skills you have.

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+20 Treatment Expertise (general treatment buff)
+78 OT Medical Suit (shirt, sleeves x2, skirt/pants, gloves & boots)
+100 Treatment Clinic
Doctor's Buffs

Raising your Treatment Skill.
You will want to raise you treatment skills while installing your implants.  You can temporarily increase your treatment skill +20 by using the general treatment buff found at the general store.  Using the Surgery Machine found in the stores will raise treatment by +100.  You can also purchase and wear the OT Medical Suit which will increase your Treatment by +78 if you are wearing all the pieces.  Using all of the above methods together will give you an increase in your treatment skill of 198.   Additionally, doctors have nano programs which can increase treatment by +10, +35 or +80 (+80 is rarely found and draws a high price if offered by a doctor).  Doctor treatment buffs are stackable with the general treatment buff.

Great, but how do I choose what Implants I want?
Implants are a personal thing.  It is very hard to make a 'cookie cutter' formula since everyone creates their doc differently.  Some docs focus on healing, some want to be able to hold their own in a fight and some like the middle ground.  You will have to decide what you want and build your implants accordingly.  There is a great tool to help you with this called Nano Nanny.  It will allow you to tell it which skills are important to you and what order of importance they should hold.  It will build an implant scheme, let you know if any implants hold clusters with more than one of your preferences so you can review the Nanny's choice, tell you how your skills will be raised if you make these implants, and give you a requirement list for the implants.

Implant Schemes


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