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The Doctor is the master of keeping people alive, but can also turn his knowledge of living tissue into a deadly weapon. From the view of the other professions, he is possibly the most popular addition to any team. A Doctor is always needed as he if often the one who has to save the day when the going gets a little bit tougher than expected.

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Recent Updates
21 February 2003 Reviewed and Updated Links page.
20 February 2003 Updated Items of Interest with Omni-Med Battle Armor
19 February 2003 Included Soft Pepper Pistol in Items of Interest
03 December 2002 Added new Vaccination nanos.
03 December 2002 Added Deformed Mantidae Antennae to Items of Interest
18 November 2002 Updated Nano Repulsor info to reflect change in 14.6 - this nano now modifies nano resist!!!
15 August 2002 Reviewed and updated the Links section
2 July 2002 Added Treatment and Pharmacy Library to Trade Skills
14 April 2002 Updated Stims to include ql 51 and 73 data
01 April 2002 Added Printable Nano Formula List sorted by Nano Formula Type
29 Mar 2002 Added missing Nano Formulas - Life Channeler, Cycle of Reconstruction, Team Checkup, Accumulate Scars
27 Mar 2002 Added Printable Nano Formula List sorted by QL
17 Mar 2002 Added some new Links
Updated DoT list - added missing nano, added QL's
15 Mar 2002 Added new Items of Interest


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