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 OTEC Event - Saturday, Xth of XXX, 2002 at 11:00pm GMT (6:00pm EST, 3:00pm PACIFIC)

Guild Event - Death to Daria
Jayne "Skyeblue" Tapanes

Daria has been a bane to our existence for quite sometime now.  She paces in Lush Fields just waiting for some unsuspecting noob to test her skills.  It's time for us to show her who's boss, join us for the Death to Daria event!  OTEC has had a go at Daria (a highly skilled, possibly lethal, martial artist) before and we were not successful.  We need to show her that we've learned from our mistakes and are ready to take her on!  Here are some pictures from our first encounter 13 December 2001...

The Bots Surround Daria

Event Outline

Death To Daria - we'll remove the evil clanner Daria Marie Walzer from Lush Fields and send her back to Clan territory where she belongs

Barbecue at the Waterfall - everyone loves a bbq.  We'll move over to the waterfall area on the road from Outpost to Lush resort and have a party.   It's bring your own so be sure to stop by the store and pick up some burgers and beer before the event!

Furnishing Contest  - what's in your apartment?  Bring your most unique or favorite apartment furnishing item and show it off.  Prizes will be awarded for most interesting and most unique.

Cliff Diving Contest  - normally fall damage is, well,   just a pain but, we're going to turn it to our advantage.  Our cliff diving competition will be testing your ability to receive fall damage.  Prizes will be awarded for contestant receiving the most fall damage and for the most spectacular jump.

Meeting place
Guild event will be convened in Lush Fields at the Northern Outpost.   Anyone unsure of how to reach the area will be helped by people who have already arrived.   Everyone is encouraged to visit their local Cell Scanner before the event!